Trophy Whitetail Bowhunting

Long Before the popular acceptance of Quality Deer Management, bowhunter John Miller realized that age, nutrition and superior genetics were foundational for producing white-tailed bucks.  John realized that in his home state of Alabama, trophy bucks were rare because trophy deer management was virtually unheard of, so he began his quest for the perfect piece of property where he could invest his passion for true trophy deer management.

In 1975, John found his dream property: 1,200 acres of rolling pines, fertile lowland fields and massive hardwood bottoms in Bullock County,Ala.  He high-fenced his property in 1997 and implemented a more intensive trophy deer management plan, including supplemental feeding of high protein pellets with his excellently-designed gravity flow feeders, which he also markets commercially to wildlife managers. Protein pellets are used from Feb. 1 to Sept. 30 each year, and Miller plants high protein crops for both summer and winter grazing to ensure maximum health and antler growth.

After seven years of superior habitat management, Millerís efforts are producing the kind of antler mass and tine length that one would expect to see in western Canada or the Midwest.  Indian Creek Farms has created a trophy whitetail hunting paradise and is offering a limited number of bowhunts during the 2004-2005 season.  Indian Creek Farms also offers 95 acres of the finest trophy largemouth bass fishing to be found in Alabama.



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