S.M.S Wildlife Feeders

Deer Feeders for the serious trophy hunter and grower.

Advanced design allows deer to feed with an unobstructed view of surroundings thus protecting the health of the larger bucks.  Keeps most feed off the ground minimizing the loss to scavengers.  Designed to minimize waste. Adjustable feed gate for proper feed distribution. Wide stance enable stable platform. Has been tested successfully commercially. Built to last a lifetime.

All Galvanized Construction. Hot Dipped Galvanized legs and food plate.  Galvanized cone on center of plate leading into funnel to keep food on edges of plate, thus reducing spoiled food.  16 Gauge drum and rain skirt. All fasteners Stainless Steel. Copper Anti-Seize Applied to bolts and nuts to prevent galling. Step on leg for easy access.  For more information contact Superior Metal Systems at 334-983-9632.

       Holds 1500 lbs. Corn
       Holds 1250 lbs. FRM Pellets
       Holds 1550 lbs. Soy beans



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